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Dave Sheridan
Drivin' Leitrim Timber

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Dave Sheridan & Company in
Sheridans Guesthouse

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Dave Sheridan Traditional Irish Flute Player

County Leitrim

Latest News

New Leitrim Equasion 4 group announced...
We are please to announce that Dave Sheridan will take part in the next round of Leitrim Equasion 4 along with other Co. Leitrim musicians Padraig Mc Govern, John Mc Cartin & Eleanor Shanley

The Leitrim Equasion Project was set in place to promote music in Co. Leitrim. Its aim to date was to bring musicians into the County to meet and play with local musicians and to exchange music ideas and styles.

For Leitrim Equasion 4 we will now turn the tables and strive to collect music within the County from composers and collectors and promote Leitrim music both Nationally and Internationally.
If you would like to contact Dave about this project or anything else please feel free to email or call
Tel 086 3066196

  Dave Sheridan on YouTube

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